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Our son has been enrolled with OurKids Academy for over two years. Once we determined that he possessed some basic footballing talents, we were delighted that this was an opportunity to provide another option for interaction and physical activity. Our son pretty much exists in a sheltered environment, having very few friends and spends a lot of his spare time indoors.

We were looking for an outfit which appreciates the total development of our child and not just the footballing talent and winning. When we enrolled with Our Kids Academy, we were interested in developing our son’s sportsmanship; we wanted to improve his interaction with others and getting him to overcome a tendency to be shy and introverted; we were keen to identify a different concept of academic training, by reaching boys through their interests, instead of the conventional teachings; we wanted a coach who was interested in our son’s total development and understanding his personality and we were keen on a structured, professional and safe environment.

OurKids Academy is growing, and we unreservedly endorse its programmes. We are comfortable leaving our son in the care of Coach Comrie and his team and we value his regular assessment and feedback on the progress of our son and areas for further development and improvement.
Mark and Michelle Hylton
Without question I have been affiliated with Our Kids Academy (with my son) and prior to that Leap Academy (my daughter and son) a holistic technology center for children led my Haniff Comrie (Coach) for over 10 years.

Coach has an unquenchable passion for children and has a firm fisted highly disciplined approach to cultivating each child tapping into their strengths whilst he develops on areas of weakness stretching each child to be the best version of him or herself. Coach considers the children his charge and has little tolerance for us as parents /guardians if we are not support the rules and guidelines set in place for the Academy.

At the Academy, you readily identify that there is a fascinating corealtion between Coach's technique to training the kids for a sport while developing fundamental skills that aid in a level of discipline and determination that is transferred from the sport into the classroom and to life in general.

The Academy and Coach's approach to the academy is to develop a well rounded child /player with a push on creating a discipline for time, mental toughness, strategic thinking, independence, personal responsibility, academic accountability, a quest for excellence for the sport, healthy competition, team spirit and without question a hunger to win.

It is clear that there is a track record of growth and accomplishments thus far and now a greater push is on for the Academy to be the one to take Western Jamaica to the next level and lead in the youth football in Jamaica and push on International accomplishments and afflictions as well.

Over time I have seen the growth from strength to strength in the Academy, to Coach's approach to wanting to achieve more for development of the Academy and what is clear is each child /player will walk away as a solid well rounded being way beyond the number of goals achieved in their tenure at the Academy.
Marsha-Ann Donaldson Brown
“OurKids” academy has been an absolutely amazing experience from a lover of football. From the first day my child joined the club, I witnessed incredible discipline, respect for coaches and true passion amongst both coaches and kids alike. The skill level of all kids was elevated above anything I’d seen in Jamaica. Even more important to me was the integration of the children from less fortunate areas of Montego Bay and the middle class.

I strongly believe there are massive lessons being learned on both sides of the fence from this. Lastly, the development and passion formed in my child over the past 6 months is shocking! I look forward to watching the growth of this club as it has everything Montego Bay needs, Structure, discipline, integration of community and excellent football! Congrats to all involved!
Joel Epstein
My OurKids Academy experience has being a tremendous one. In the past two years I have seeing my son developed in many areas in a positive way. Not only in his ability to execute on the field, he has shown maturity in all other aspect of his day to day activities. His confidence and social skills have improved tremendously also.

I would personally recommend getting involved in this program from an early age, and watch your child transform.
Kirk Sergeant

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