About Us

The ultimate sporting formula for the holistic individual. Conceptualized since March 1997 as a window of opportunity for less fortunate talented boys and girls in sports. Scholarships were the staple. Tulane University our first ever success story with the phenomenal student-athlete Noel Comrie . To date, we have achieved countless scholarships, semipro and general milestone through sporting talents.

Our brand is etched on building a foundation principled in a disciplined approach to development. Core focus leans to players at a tender age that can be guided by their passion, enthusiasm, uncapped physical ability fused with personality.

Gradually we explore a changing arena with an open mind to learning the best practices in becoming the best solution. Our ambition to be that go-to professional entity that guides to the best possible solution…

Our Trainers

A vetted selection of athletic professionals, hand picked to equip your kids with skills and attitude necessary to excel in the competitive sports arena.

Our Approach

Our success is not by luck. We have a proven approach that will propel your kids into athletic excellence.

Our Vision

Lessons For Life

Lesson for life through disciplined activities that motivate and enable empowerment in our children.

Our Mission

To create a structured entity in a window of opportunity based environment for continued achievable milestones. collectively working as parents to ensure a better future for our children in the sport of football. maximizing football potential in all academy players.

Our Partners

OurKids Academy Partnerships
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OurKids AcademyJa is totally committed to creating partnerships that foster nation building through sports

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